D.N.Patel College of Engineering, Shahada hosts EduGrievance

It’s a matter of great honor for us Orellians to cherish the fact that our team has joined hands with D.N.Patel College of Engineering, Shahada earlier this month. Edugrievance has been Orell’s most promising product sold in almost across 3000 education institutions. With the advanced modifications and optimizations, EduGrievance has been catering to the diverse grievance requirements of its clientele in a completely automated and unblemished manner.

D.N.Patel College of Engineering, Shahada is a renowned name in Technical Education sector and has been producing and excellent engineers by acting as a whetstone to their talents, curricular and co-curricular affairs.

The college administration and faculty make sure that the suggested syllabi are covered thoroughly. The amiable ambiance and faultless instructional practices make D.N. Patel a dream institution for engineering aspirants all over Maharashtra. D.N. Patel College of Engineering envisions to be recognized as a global leader in Technical Education, research and knowledge of applied sciences.


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