EduGrievance Installed at K.M. Kundnani College of Pharmacy, Pune

EduGrievance, software created by the professionals at Orell Software Solutions has recently achieved it’s prominence as a Grievance Redressal Software in educational sector of India by gaining over hundreds of client within a short span of time. The team is proudly starting a venture with K.M Kundnani College of Pharmaceutical Education regarding the purchase of EduGrievance- the best grievance redressal software ever created in India. Established in 1971 under the aegis of Hyderabad national collegiate board, this college has been excelling at Pharmacy Education with advanced technology incorporated in teaching and learning. It has been observed that EduGrievance has been successfully eradicating problems at campuses ever since its inception. The sole reason why most colleges go for EduGrievance software is its credibility and assurance of highly advanced grievance redressal mechanism. Orell is planning to provide all its advanced new features of EduGrievance to eradicate the unpleasant events of the campus.


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