EduGrievance at Ideal College of Pharmacy

We are very pleased to inform you that Ideal College of Pharmacy, Kalyan decides on the global provider of educational software Orell's EduGrievance Online Grievance Redressal System to involve in establishing transparency in their premises. . Orell, as the brain behind this product excels in providing best service with newer feature updations. Grievance portal has become a mandate to every college which falls under the norms of AICTE. The institution with a state-of-art infrastructure is approachable in delivering knowledge from highly qualified and committed faculty and lecturers from other industries to soothe in the field of pharmaceutical science. Ideal College is considered a milestone in Kalyan region and also is outstanding in its educational, human, social and spiritual formation. Contributing in for industrial excellence in scientific world increases skill development. Establishing with sincere efforts and expert guidance imparted to the students the institution gained success rewarding with career opportunities.


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