Mahamaya IT Polytechnic Kushinagar, UP welcomes EduGrievance

More often the execution of rules according to a set norms result in an overall peaceful atmosphere. Curative measures to eradicate the harmful incidents in a campus paved way for the formation of an Online Grievance Redressal Portal. EduGrievance is such software that assists students, parents, teachers, and non-teaching staff to raise voice against the injustice done toward them. The filed complaints are to be linked to the grievance cell members and then subjected to further scrutiny and finally actions taken by the authority. Furthermore, a report is generated at the end of each month, a report which is to be a deciding factor during the annual affiliation procedures by the AICTE. Mahamaya IT Polytechnic is a prominent institute for technical education in UP and also a relief for the prospective technicians from the outskirts of Kushinagar.


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