ROFEL Shri G M Bilakhia College of Pharmacy espouses for EduGrievance

The modern temple of learning founded in 1999 by ROEFL Trust is more than philosophy producing quality education. Over more than 700 pharmacists hold on to the prominent industrial and academical path both in India and globally. It is one of the premier pharmacy colleges in India, imparting quality pharmaceutical education and training for the more than a decade offering undergraduate and postgraduate course in Pharmacy. EduGrievance the grievance redressal mechanism prepares the students of the institution to involve in grievance resolving and ensures optimal transparency. The flawless services provided by the grievance redressal technology implements a dedicated system to address grievance and to meaningfully structure the needs to be set up towards such end. EduGrievance under MHRD apart from helping to make solutions its much beneficial for the institute stakeholders to handle the grievance.


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