RTE Society, Bangalore signs for EduGrievance

EduGrievance to make its outcome for becoming the very user-friendly grievance mechanism powered by Orell enhances their rural pride in Hulkothi's Rural Engineering College. EduGrievance establishes its effective grievance handling all over the country with 3000+ satisfied customers. The system will ensure transparency and students will be more benefitted. The flawless services provided by the grievance redressal technology implements a dedicated system to address grievance and to meaningfully structure the needs to be set up towards such end. EduGrievance under MHRD apart from helping to make solutions its much favorable for the institute stakeholders to handle the grievance. The Rural Technical Education (RTE) Society's Rural Engineering College, Hulkothi with divine blessings of Sri sri Thiruchi Mahaswamji of the Kailash Ashram is a prominent institution with its rural masses cherishing an technical world to their students. The society manages two institutes the Rural Polytechnic College and Rural Engineering College which are situated in Hulkothi since 1980.


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