Why Grievance Redressal System?

Grievances may seriously disturb the stakeholders, especially in higher education institution. This may affect their morale, output and their willingness to cooperate with the institution. Grievance handling system is recommended to solve the grievances or complaints of the institute constituents including students, teachers, parents and staff.
It is not possible that all the grievances to be settled directly by the authority. By installing an online system for grievance redressal, the rights of the stakeholders will be protected and ensured by the education councils. Grievance redress mechanism can serve as an outlet for students’ discontent and frustrations. Through the establishment of a proper grievance redressal portal, the complainant gets better solution for their problems. A well-designed redressal mechanism provides effective grievance procedure providing a channel or avenue by which any affected person may convey his/her grievance. Systematic handling of every grievance is possible through online grievance monitoring system and the petitioner can relieve his feelings of dissatisfaction in the institute.
It’s the responsibility of every institute to make all efforts to ensure transparency in all the activities at different stages, especially in any institution imparting education. With the new directive of AICTE to implement online grievance redressal technology, every institute should set up such a system for the online grievance monitoring and tracking.
The function of grievance redress system for colleges is to look into the complaints lodged by any aggrieved person, and fix it promptly.
A Grievance Redressal System as per AICTE terms is also empowered to look into matters of academic and non-academic discontent faced by the institute stakeholders. By making it mandatory in AICTE affiliated institutions, the council aims to supports students, parents, teachers and staff who have been deprived of the services offered by the college, for which he/she is entitled, to make officials of the institute responsive and accountable in dealing with the complainants and to ensure effective solution to the grievances with an impartial and fair approach.

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