ABSS Institute of Technology installs EduGrievance Software

The Orell Software Solutions, the signature firm behind most of the promising software regarding education has finally made a deal with ABSS Institute of Technologyb regarding the purchase and installation of EduGrievance- the online grievance redressal portal, the fastest and safest way to get rid of the disturbances and unpleasant events that take place in a campus and bring back a tinge of safety and security in its occupants’ lives. ABSS has kindled to a new journey to excellence by teaming up with EduGrievance. The excellent features of the software will guarantee the proper redressal of the grievances. ABSS Institute of Technology is sponsored by Kastoori Devi Foundation. The college is surrounded by places of historical importance. The institute was established with a view to nourish education and fraternity among the students, which help them to survive the fast growing and competitive world. EduGrievance is hoping to make this campus into a paradise for students to have ambience suitable for learning.


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