Central Institute of Tool Design (CITD) hosts EduGrievance

It’s a matter of great honor for Orell that we have come to a liaison with Central Institute of Tool Design, also known as MSME- Tool Room, situated at Hyderabad. EduGrievance has been functioning as a proper online grievance Redressal software for its wide array of clients all over the world. It has not been long since it has bagged 350th customer since its inception last month. In addition, we have achieved the deal of Central Institute of Tool Design, Hyderabad, Telangana regarding the grievance Redressal in their campus. EduGrievance rules out the unwanted discrepancies and events by simply acting as a platform to receive the complaints from complainants and make them accessible to the grievance cell members and the authoritative council. The software works strictly under the provisions advised by the AICTE for which the institution has to send a report that will be generated with the help of the software.

Central Institute of Tool Design was founded in 1968 by the government of India with the guidance of United Nations Development Program and International Labour Organization.


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