St. Johns Pharmacy enters a deal with EduGrievance Redressal System

Thriving for a quality educational atmosphere, St. Johns Pharmacy College, Bangalore engages with EduGrievance Online Grievance Redressal System. Orell, the pioneer solution in every groundbreaking field of education is establishing their rectification of grievances through EduGrievance the grievance mechanism. The mechanism is a revolutionary system ensuring prompt redressal solutions to every minor difficulties. This portal enables the users to obtain immediate responses form the institution itself. St. Johns Pharmacy College, Bangalore is an institute contributing to the increased demands for pharmaceutical world. Derives its name from Vijayanagara empire, Viyanagara in Bangalore was flourished all along in South India. The institution equips their students with premier combination of infrastructure and educator to create highly competent pharmacists. Understanding the need to promote quality education, the institute delivers specific field of training for health professional group and sole profession.


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