Universal Polytechnic College, Mahwa, Rajasthan welcomes EduGrievance

It’s a matter of great pleasure that Orell’s most advanced product Edugrievance has been implemented at Universal Polytechnic College, a pioneer institution that has been faring well at technical education scenario. Recognized by the AICTE, UP college excel at lifting up students from backward communities. The college offers diploma courses in Civil Engineering, Computer science, Electrical Engineering etc. The College was established in 2010-11 time period. EduGrievance is the best-in-class Online Grievance Redressal Mechanism that has 100 percent customer satisfaction. Powered by Orell Software Solutions, the software has a lot more than to offer than just grievance Redressal. Especially with the recent updations, EduGrievance offers brand new features like fake complaint deletion, meeting report generation, action taken report etc. EduGrievance assures to keep the campus turbulence-free with the


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